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About Maxine

I am passionate about being an encourager, I enjoy supporting, fostering and inspiring clients facilitating their goal attainment and performance enhancement  I support, foster and raise the confidence of my clients, helping them  to realize their greatest potential. With over 25 years leading teams in various aspects of Human Resources, I specialize in Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement & Development in addition to building diverse, dynamic, and inclusive teams within my client groups and organizations.  I am excited about bringing positive changes to my clients for optimum performance and productivity.  


I work with business leaders and individuals to help them reflect on and assess their career paths. I am passionate about creating empowering, flexible, diverse, fearless, and innovative workplaces and team environments. I cherish the opportunity to create lasting, meaningful change in individuals and organizations, giving employee and individuals a sense of empowerment, balance, and freedom as they view their growth, success, and long-term potential for accomplishment.  


When I am not coaching, I spend quality time with my family, serving my community, taking spin classes, practicing yoga, exploring various global cultures, riding my bicycle, and enjoying the beautiful Florida beaches.


"Your hopes, dreams and aspirations are legitimate. They are trying to take you airborne, above the clouds, above the storms -- if you will only let them."

-Dan Zadra


My Mission & Purpose

Mission & Purpose

I DECLARE I am a people builder. 


I will look for opportunities to encourage others to bring out the best in them and to help them accomplish their dreams. I will speak words of faith and victory, affirming them, approving them, letting them know they are valued. I will call out their seeds of greatness, helping them to rise higher and become all that God created them to be. 

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