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Your Career and Leadership Skills.


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I am a proud partner of Human Resources Group,  where I will be able to position candidates for success by developing a personalized 30-60-90 day business plan at their targeted companies that comprises the onboarding process, company culture and ways to ensure that it’s a productive, mutually beneficial, and engaging experience. 

Work with Me

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Meet Maxine Price

I am passionate about being an encourager, I enjoy coaching, supporting, fostering, and inspiring clients facilitating their goal attainment and performance enhancement.  As a change agent, I support, foster and raise the confidence of my clients, helping them to realize and maximize their greatest potential.  


With more than 25 years leading teams in various aspects of Human Resources, I specialize in Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, and Employee Engagement/Belonging, in addition to building diverse, dynamic, and inclusive teams within my client groups and organizations.  I am excited about bringing positive changes to my clients for optimum performance, goal attainment and increased productivity. 

Success Stories

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